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How I’d make a passive income with £15 a week

Passive income means earnings from an investment in which a person isn’t actively involved. Therefore drawing a passive income in retirement sounds like a great idea. One way of achieving it is to invest in shares and share-backed funds. In my opinion, that’s the best way, rather than investing in property or other assets, for […]

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No savings at 50 and worried about retirement? Here’s how I’d 2x my state pension

Do you know that the State Pension in the UK pays only £9,110.40 per year? If you’re already 50, or are approaching 50, and have little to no savings, this is the annual amount you can expect to rely on in your retirement days. The pension is worth £175.20 per week, or £25.03 per day. It’s not […]

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Why women in Britain are having abortions earlier

Rules introduced because of the pandemic mean that terminations can now happen at home. Within a week of discovering she was pregnant in late April, Justine (not her real name) knew she wanted an abortion. The pandemic had made her the sole breadwinner, and she had a young daughter to look after. She called Marie […]

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